October 25th, 2008


Updated funeral information

Talked with Father McGill today (he's celebrating the funeral Mass) and we ran through the details.

First and most important, DO NOT go to the Visitor's Center at Arlington National Cemetery. The Mass will be at the Old Post Chapel on Fort Myer. (Directions to the Chapel.) Bring identification with you, and be at the chapel NO LATER THAN 2:15. We're going to start without you if you're late.

I'll be doing the readings and the eulogy but would be happy to hand off some of the readings. E-mail me or call me.
Communion will be available, and y'all damn well better have gone to Confession if you plan on receiving. Let me know by Monday if you will be so I can let Father know how many he needs to be ready for.
There will be an organist, but we're not expected to sing along.

I am hoping that Monsignor Sokolowski, who concelebrated Dad's funeral, will be there, but since we didn't remember to call him until this weekend I'm not promising anything on that front.

overcoming the intermittent motivator chip errors

Finally got around to loading the first batch of estate books (i.e., all the stuff I got cataloged over at Fox Way) and putting them up on Half.com in my shop.
You can find them here along with some old textbooks and other books I need to get rid of - duplicates, you know.

Most of the books are Silhouette and Harlequin romances, but there is some SF from Kathleen and W. Michael Gear in there, along with some books on herbal remedies, religious meditations, biographies - in short, quite a diverse library. I'll be putting a link on the sidebar, and throwing up a few ads on Craigslist and elsewhere. More books will follow.