October 19th, 2008


Late night shopping satisfaction

Better now.
Blew off laundry until tomorrow morning, never did get to the library (or, regrettably, to the Kaiser pharmacy) but I did motor over to Potomac Yards to hit the conveniently located Shoppers Food Warehouse and Harris-Teeter. I think I may have gone a bit overboard, but on the other hand I got some great deals and double value on my coupons. None of those were supposed to be doubled, but I wasn't going to argue with the self-checkout's software.

Aside from the convenience of having the two stores practically on top of each other, both of them had pretty much everything I was looking for, including things which are a little hard to find in the local (Foxchase/Landmark Center) stores - Arnold Brick Oven White bread and HT store brand pina colada yogurt, which the Foxchase store hasn't had in, well, months. Also, while the Landmark Center Shoppers is a pain in the ass to get in and out of, the Potomac Yards store is the second store from the left as you face the river, and the center's layout doesn't force you to come in one way and then go around three sides of a square to get out and get home. The Harris Teeter, on the other hand, has oddly designed underground parking which is nonetheless easy to get into and out of; when you come around the building, you head right out onto South Glebe Road and back toward 395. It's all good.

One of the things I found was the ever-elusive Diet Snapple Green Tea with Mango, which is made of meth, tropical fruitiness, and win. It was on sale for $1.25 at Shoppers, but I managed to limit myself to two bottles, one of which I drank on the way home. So much for an early bedtime.

Still not sole king.

therevdrnye and I headed up to chez Dunham today for a game of Kingmaker, which unfortunately ended in a draw after nine hours but was still fun nonetheless. I started surprisingly well in the early rounds and seized both Lancastrian heirs early while Dutch, Mr. B and Brenda ran like hell for Scotland, Calais and other places Not In England so they could avoid being crushed by the Leviathan of Lancastrian puissance. I eventually came to terms with Brenda and moved on the Yorkist pretenders, but was waylaid by assassins and stalled by catastrophes, and eventually we just ran out of time. Game probably would have been better with the two extra people who were no-shows, but this was a ton of fun. Looking forward to doing it again, maybe sometime next month.
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