October 7th, 2008


sweet relief

Printed and filled out the hardship deferment that staves off the Stark Fist of Removal for as long as I'm working at the truck company, because the hideous burden of my loan payments (I have almost $68K worth of graduate loans, for those of you scoring at home) would drive me under the poverty line if I were dumb enough to try and pay them. Tomorrow I'll be faxing the forms in along with my most recent pay stubs and the last statement I got from Wells before my PO box expired.

It was nice talking to the Wells rep. She put my loans back in forbearance while the deferment is pending, sent me some loan information that I didn't bother keeping because it was accessible online (yeah, i r stoopid) and then we chatted about South Dakota, Alaska, Minnesota, the D.C. area, Panama City when it was better known for paper mills than spring break parties...it made me feel obscurely better for no particularly good reason.
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