October 5th, 2008


Okay, let's try this again

About the only part of yesterday's plan that actually worked was dinner with P, and even that was screwed up due to confusion over where we were going to meet up. That having been resolved, we dined expansively at Yil-Mi, where the sushi was indeed excellent and the bulgogi grilled to our complete satisfaction along with the crawfish, an unidentified chopped-beef looking mass, and what appeared to be bacon but was far too meaty to be such. AAA+++, would dine there again.

Actually got to bed at a reasonable hour last night after finishing the re-reading of The Protector's War; woke up this morning and got my shirts, shoes & work pants into the laundry before coffee. ETD for the Small Press Expo is 1230, which should leave me 4-5 hours to knock about the place looking for David Malki, beatonna, and maybe even Ben Katchor, if they've given him a table. After that, of course, a meeting with therevdrnye and perhaps other nefarious personages.

Also, is Obama good for the Jews? Jackie Mason answers this and other important questions in a riposte to "that sick yenta" Sarah Silverman. :)