October 4th, 2008


spx or bust (update: bust ensues)

So the big plan for today is to get in the Sportage, refuel it, and head north to Bethesda for the Small Press Expo. After the Expo, I'll call P and find out what the plan is for dinner. Aside from that, everything's up in the air. Weather looks nice; going to pack a camera and maybe throw the field jacket in the back of the truck in case I'm out late. But first, breakfast/brunch and a shower. Maybe some internet spaceships.

UPDATE: Overcome by sloth, indolence, and the lure of Sansha rats, I never made it out to Bethesda. Well, SPX on tomorrow, so I'll hit it then;
afterwards, a Kingmaker refresher with therevdrnye, perhaps.
Next weekend, since banzchan is going to be in town for Anime Expo, I shall definitely drop by and say hello, maybe get my "Your Fanfic Blows" button replaced. ;)