October 2nd, 2008


And about damn time, too.

Southwest Airlines to start serving MSP in March 2009. Just in time for Anime Detour!

In other news, reserving most of my paycheck for rent; some of it will probably be sent off to pay for internets, and the rest will no doubt be wasted on gasoline, funny books, and artistic women, e.g. beatonna, after which I will huddle in the burrow until next payday. Here it is October already; can the dreary rains of winter be far off?

Unrelated: Jonah Goldberg describes the hideous expansion of the original shit sandwich into...well, he's the feelthy pro opinion columnist, and I'm not. Short, but satisfyingly bitter. Over at Don Luskin's place, economist John Seater wants to know WTF the crisis is, and has some pretty reasonable arguments as to why this is just another stampede of the lemmings, spurred on by the media.

Lastly, I'm not wasting my time listening to the debate. I suspect 70% of those who are going to vote in November have already made up their minds and are lying to/evading the pollsters, and the remaining 30% who haven't made up their minds need to get back on their meds and pay a little attention.