September 7th, 2008


burn you down

Been spending way too much time at chebutykin's place schooling Minnesotans (pseudomanitou in particular) on why a guy like me isn't all in love with the Obamessiah and FILLED WITH HATE for W like them. Yeah, right. Bitter, gun-clinging Falangist me voting for Obama. Anyway, I'm calling quits to the remedial education after discovering that pseudomanitou doesn't know who Saul Alinsky is nor what his connection to Obama and Clinton is. WTF. Not only that, he thinks I'm being a culture warrior (which apparently is BAD) for even bringing it up. Sod that for a game of retarded soldiers.

Ah, well, as GVDL says, "You Want a Culture War? You've Got One." He quotes Don Surber: "It's all about Walmart. Republicans shop there. Democrats want to close them down." Via Don, he also supplies us with this possible replacement for the old & busted Wilson sisters' song. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"?

Shopping last night was full of fail. Wal-mart was still out of surgical sponges, Target didn't even stock them, and CVS charges $2/box more. On top of that, I forgot to apply Murphy's Law and buy a screwdriver. So, no shelving work today either.

P declared the Optiplex officially dead this morning after breakfast (Vienna Amphora, very nice but just as spendy as the Herndon original) after ripping it apart with her bare hands and a survival knife. Because she could, but also for the therapeutic stress relief destruction brings. Cause of death: heat-induced hole in the CPU. She took the CPU chip and the motherboard, mumbling something about making jewelry with them, and made me swear repeatedly that my next desktop would not be a Dell. No problem there, kiddo. I'm pretty thoroughly convinced now that Dells and Compaqs both suck pretty badly. Build me a new one?

Tim Powers' Three Days To Never plays interesting games with time travel, Einstein, the Mossad, and a cast of interesting people. Lots of yummy tasty plot twists, violence, and the creepy interface between science and magic. Highly recommended.

Plans for the day include laundry and cataloguing at the old place, possibly after a nap.