September 4th, 2008


payday and other excitement

Which is to say, shopping. ;)

Seriously, though...up later than I originally planned last night since I decided to catch part of the RNC, first on streaming video and then on NPR. Michael Steele was most excellent ("Drill, baby, drill!"), Mitt Romney not so much, and I missed most of what Gov. Lingle and the Huckster had to say since I was attending to important matters of personal hygiene. I came out of the shower just in time to catch Rudy Giuliani, who was en fuego*. That speech was great honking wheelbarrows of steaming, bloody raw meat and the crowd ate it up. That was just a warmup, though. Rudy was followed by Sarah Palin, and she ROCKED THE HOUSE**. Hit all the marks, gave McCain and her family their propers, and then ripped into the Democratic ticket*** like a Last Frontier Steel Magnolia. Fun to listen to, and definitely proof that the Angry Old White Guy made the right choice for VP.

Too cute for words:

*(also Ace)
**(not Ace, but Althouse)
***Which, as far as Sarah Palin, the RNC delegates, and I are concerned, includes what El Rushbo is pleased to call "the Drive-By Media". I get the feeling any invitations from Sally Quinn are likely to be used for fingerpaint canvases at the VP Residence for the next four years...