August 29th, 2008


I foresee much progress on shelving this weekend

Plan B failed, so no Goonmeet for me. Welp.
Guess I'll stick around the apartment, do some cleaning, some reading, and stuff like that.

It's raining out, but not the really heavy fall monsoon, more like the gentle soaking drizzly stuff that farmers and gardeners both like.

Work today much like yesterday; left at 1330 after sorting out the mail, cutting a couple of checks, and catching up on my filing. Next week, I'm sure, will be very different.


Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is going to be McCain's VP. The lady is a five-tool player in GOP terms, and I'm looking forward to seeing her take on that retarded hack Biden. She gonna cut him into smaller pieces than my last credit card. :D

UPDATE: Smokin' hot hockey mom, life member of the NRA, fiscal & social conservative, political reformer & corruption buster...and did I mention that she's gorgeous? This pick is full of win, awesome and hotness. I liked Pawlenty, but Palin has everything the Junior Governator has with whipped cream, crushed nuts and a cherry on top. w00t!

UPDATE UPDATE BUMP: "Naughty librarian vibe"? HELL YEAH. (the other McCain)