August 22nd, 2008


I dunno about this...

So, picked up the CircAids in Annapolis (after a surprisingly easy trip up from Springfield) and strapped 'em on, and then went to hang out with therevdrnye for rush hour avoidance & updates on how things are going with one of my oldest, vilest and most treacherous friends. ;) We wound up going out to dinner at the Steakback Outhouse after refueling at the Laurel Costco. Afterwards, following more discussion of movies, D&D, comix, etc. I departed for the run back to the burrow.

When I arrived I found my new, personalized Virginia plates in the mail. w00t! Soon there will be pictures. Oh, yes there will my precious. Also a rear window mural applique, if I can find a suitable vector image and a place to do the custom job without completely emptying my wallet. I'm so looking forward to this. :D

Have to go lay down now and let the swelling in the legs go down enough so I can get my pants off before removing the CircAids. The doc filling in for my regular PCP wants me to jack up my insulin and metformin because my breakfast readings are too high (in her opinion) and she thinks we ought to be getting them down to 120<. This is the ideal, but I'm wondering how bad this is going to screw me at lunch and dinner, which have largely been in that range for the last week. Guess we'll see.