August 16th, 2008


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It's not like I got nothing done today; I managed to get the 2661 phone unfucked with the help of Sprint tech support, and I finished Fortune's Stroke, the David Drake/Eric Flint collaboration that's part of their Belisarius series. It's weird that I haven't tried it before; it is, after all, cousin to the Drake/Stirling Raj Whitehall novels, which are based more closely on the life of Belisarius as opposed to using him as a main character.

Aside from those things, though, I didn't stir forth from the burrow for anything, which means tomorrow will be a little crazy as I pack up Cowzilla and my laundry before heading over to Fox Way. After finishing up there, I'll be heading up to the Frederick area to hang out with edminster's family, which will pretty much kill the day. Big question is whether I'll be smart enough to head out of there before it gets too late so I can get a decent amount of sleep before Monday.

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