August 11th, 2008


in other news

Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac and peace in the Caucasus all bit it over the weekend. What little I saw of Bernie Mac I liked, and I kinda wish Isaac had stuck to the music he did so well and not wandered into some Co$ joint to try for clearness. People have to live their own lives and make their own mistakes, though, and at least we'll always have "Shaft". Oh yeah - he was in Escape from New York, too, wasn't he? Yup.

I don't have much useful to say about the second go-round between Russia and Georgia, except to observe that Georgia's in a lot better position to bring the pain to Russia than the Chechens were. If things don't continue to go well for the Red Army of Workers and PeasantsRussian Army. Vladimir Putin may have to move fast and do some crafty dealing to keep the knives out of his back and/or the spetsnaz off his ass. I suspect the Turks will take advantage of the opportunity to stick it to the Russians if they see even a slight chance of having plausible deniability, and so much the better for Georgia.