August 3rd, 2008


Florence @Papal States, 0-0, (final)

Went out to breakfast with P at the Amphora despite only having slept for six hours, then grabbed a coffee and sinkers at the Dunkin' Donuts on Route 50 to kill time while waiting for Games Parlor to open and Mark B to arrive. This he presently did; I helped him lug figure trays in and watched as he set up a passel of knights, crossbowmen, and other parts of a 15th century condottieri force, which was being confronted by a similar mixed bag of troops from the Papal States. It was an interesting primer in the Field of Glory miniatures rules system, which I was skimming through while they were doing setups. I'm going to be getting involved with it, though not buying figures for a while as Mark has (literally) a trunkful of 15mm figures, more than enough to outfit several armies in various periods of history from Ancient Hebrews to late medieval Swedes, Swiss and Burgundians. So handing me a legion of Romans from Caesar's era (I'm thinking the Legio IX Hispana, which would justify slingers) next week won't be a problem for him.

That ate most of the day; I came home, picked up some shrimp for dinner, and now I'm pretty much ready to crash. Tomorrow we'll see how everything works out, or doesn't.