July 27th, 2008


names but no faces

It was a weird experience going through the Classmates.com directories for my old high school, DLI, and my unit in Germany. Some names stuck out pretty well in my mind, others not so much, and that bothered me a little. I don't claim to have a perfect memory, but I used to be able to match up names and faces pretty well back in the day, and now (thanks to politics >_<) that's pretty much gone, and now when I look at some of my classmates' names, I can't remember a damn thing about them. I suppose this is much ado about nothing, since the ones that really mattered stayed in touch, and the others, well, *shrug*. I may pony up for the more expensive membership later, when I have the cash to waste on such things, but for now I'm going to try not to stew too much over it.

I can see the end from here

The end, of course, being a living room with all books, games, videos and magazines shelved, the TVs moved to useful locations instead of taking up space on the floor, and a large clear space in the middle where all the boxes used to be. The bookshelf for this weekend hasn't yet been started, but I did clear off the table (temporarily), move/break down a shitload of boxes, and move the computer desk over to its proper site in front of the kitchen porthole. This raised a serious sweat - not that it takes much to do that these days. Next step will be to set up the desktop and move the boxes out of the space next to it that's going to be home to Bookshelf #6 and possibly #7, if it'll fit.

For now I'm just going to chill until the laundry needs to come out.

now to get Cowzilla out of the kitchen

Lugged various computer parts and cables over to the desk, got them plugged in, and proceeded to fire up the Optiplex. Praise Jesus, it still works, though I did have to call Cavalier tech support to get it hooked up to the intertubes since the installation CD I got when I moved in here back in January thinks I have a static IP address. With that fixed, I can do useful stuff like check mail, play EVE, etc. etc. Haven't hooked up the speakers yet, but I do have the USB external drive and headphones plugged in.

Went out to Herndon and did dinner with RS at the Tortilla Factory, got caught up on stuff, and got ragged on about not putting myself in the hospital to get the intravenous antibiotics. I tried to point out that there were cost factors that made this impractical, but I'm pretty sure he didn't buy it. There's also the fact that I can't afford to miss any time off from work, since I don't really have any sick or vacation days and won't until next May when my hire date comes around. Oh well.

Tomorrow's to-do list now has replacing P's chocolate-stained HP monitor with my larger generic monitor, at least until I can afford to sink a couple hundred bucks into a flatscreen. In the meantime the old-fashioned CRT sitting right in front of the thermostat and air intake vent will have to do.

Oh yeah - still no sign of those Front 242 CDs. How annoying.