July 25th, 2008


Friday linkagery

Via Ace, awesome steampunk figures a la Justice League, The Avengers (no, unfortunately, not the one with Mrs. Peel) and retro WW2 Star Wars figs to boot. Also, a link to the infamous Slublog's photoshoopery. Worth seeing for "Obama Beats McCain!" alone.

Elsewhere, Captain Ed notes that Senate Republicans have grown a pair and told Harry Reid that nothing's going to pass the Senate until this drilling thing is settled the way the GOP wants it settled. I figure since Harry "Oil makes me sick. Coal makes me sick." Reid is no King Arthur and Mitch McConnell is more ept than the Black Knight, we may see the Donks forced to allow drilling or go home empty-handed to the rage of their constituents in November. To quote Ace, "There's blood in the water here. The GOP can either feast or starve."

The FBI doesn't have Tesla's death ray. Also, there aren't any X-files. Of course, this isn't going to convince the Tinfoil Hat Brigade...

Professor Death also links to a Yahoo! news item that mentions the continuing drop in crude prices, which (they finally notice) is showing up at the pump. I myself paid just $3.99 for regular this afternoon, and outstate it's down as low as $3.65. Now, imagine how much it would drop if Pelosi and Reid acted like statesmen and not like partisan hacks. Yeah, I know, it hurt my brain trying to imagine it too.

belindabird provides a tasty link from a blogger who attended the "Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog" at SDCC. Lots of good news. Go and look.
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