July 24th, 2008


We're gonna key your Mercedes

Was going to put together a mix CD tonight but unfortunately that required re-ripping the Front 242 CDs as MP3 instead of M4U Winamp files, and said CDs are nowhere to be found. Which means I'll be forced to clean the kitchen. :(

So since that project is on hold, I fired up EVE, went online and waited to hang out with qob, who unfortunately couldn't stay on long and even more unfortunately has a client issue that prevents us from having private convos. Which means every time I try to give him advice, another half-dozen n00bs proceed to shit up local. Ah, well; I'll give him all the advice and spare modules I have laying around, and hopefully he'll like the game well enough to hang around a while.

Work was what it was. I got the essentials of payroll taken care of - bashed out the necessary checks and got them in the mail, tended to 401k stuff, u.s.w.
The first hour and a half was a little slow, but once the paychecks arrived it got busy very quickly. I'm sure there's something I forgot. Was thinking of going out for some kind of dinner tonight, but ran out of energy once I got home and satisfied myself with grapes and a sandwich instead.