July 22nd, 2008


at this rate I'll be posting with a pencil

Actually I just need to cut back on the Cowzilla use when I get home, considering that I spend most of my day either bashing the keyboard and scribbling with a pencil in ledgers. It's not like I really need to get anything done online in a hurry, or keep up to date on the elections. As usual, it's a lot easier to find out what's going on in the race that affects me the least (The Promised One, Lord Obamessiah {PBUH} v. Some Old Dude Who Was In Vietnam Not Named Kerry) than what's happening in my congressional district or even the race to replace John Warner in the Senate.

Stopped at Harris Teeter to pick up some yogurt and wound up with a pound of sliced roast beast, horseradish sauce for same, grapes, Fig Newtons, (which were BOGO) and some Crystal Light, which was buy one get two free. So now I have something to moderate my Diet Coke intake besides water, ehich gets kind of old after a while.

Got the blood testing and insulin injection schedule squared away today - I need to stick my fingers 4x daily and theoretically could wind up injecting three times a day. Weehu. Feel my (lack of) enthusiasm...maybe I should stop looking when I do the injections. Tomorrow it's off to Annapolis after work so I can get measured for the CircAids like I was supposed to the first time. Should be an interesting drive if we get the thunderstorms the weathermen are promising for tomorrow.