July 16th, 2008


Getting something off my chest

I understand that animaltofriends and her ex-sister-in-law have expressed interest in attending my mother's funeral Mass and interment.
Carlos and I have derived some bitter amusement from this, for what may not be obvious reasons. In my case, I can't understand how somebody who had a low opinion of my father and didn't even ask about attending his funeral would think they'd be welcome at my mother's funeral.
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shirts and other annoyances of the day

Busy day at work today; spent a lot of time reformatting spreadsheets to the senior controller's satisfaction, ferreting out a dime error in the checkbook, and hammering out checks for the monthly sales & use tax payments - along with the usual half-dozen bills that needed paying. I was busy enough that I didn't get out to lunch until ~1330, which is a little surprising.

A number of work shirts recently succumbed to their age and my girth, so I stopped by Casual Male on the way home to pick up some new ones. I was a little gunshy about the place, considering the horrible quality of the last things I bought there, but let's face it: in my size, you don't get a lot of shopping options.
I wound up paying roughly $28 per shirt for a couple of 5X casual shirts which won't look out of place, while avoiding cheaper shirts that made gook shirts look plain. I'm not really happy with them, but I can't really wait to get some Dickies shirts off the intertubes.
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Masha. Darling.

The Heller decision...

...in Frank J's world.

I can't decide whether I like
More specifically, everyone in D.C. should immediately be given a gun, and anyone who protests should be shot in the groin, shot in the face, and then shot in the groin once more for good measure. Then their houses should be burned down. We'll make a weekend of it. I'll bring beer. See video from last year's Supreme Kegger.

The issue of incorporation was not brought before the Court, but our next step will be to grab our guns, form a posse, and head to Chicago. The citizens are disarmed, so they will be easy pickings and their stereos will become mine. See the barrel of my gun. I shall kill Mayor Daley and place his head upon a pike in the town square as an example to others. Usually the execution of laws falls on the Executive Branch, but I have the summer off and it sounds like fun.

Undoubtedly some think that the Second Amendment is outmoded in a society where our standing army is the pride of our Nation, where well-trained police forces provide personal security, and where gun violence is a serious problem. I will find these people and kill them, or my name isn't Anthony "The Bull" Scalia.

the best.
It's all good. RTWT.