July 2nd, 2008


a time for sandwiches and sleep

Jesus, am I fried...was going to go in early today and am damn glad I didn't, because I am tired as hell right now. Still, most of the month-end crap is done. Tomorrow, there's only some bank reconciliations to be done (when they come in) and some checks to be written tomorrow before I slope off to Falls Church for physical therapy, followed by a high-speed run to Annapolis for some measuring. Some unspecified period after that, I can has CircAids. Apparently the tag-team of my PCP and podiatrist convinced Kaiser that I REALLY REALLY NEED THIS and it is in fact covered by my policy.

There's some other stuff going on that I kinda sorta want to comment on, but all I really want to do right now is eat something resembling dinner and go crash. I will say, though, in advance of a longer post: Wesley Clark, you are a miserable little putz.