June 25th, 2008


Never mind the Mexicans, look out for those job-stealing robots!

Drew Carey does another Reason.tv show, this time on free trade and technology. You'll probably learn more from this short video than you will from any talking head on TV, especially if that talking head is Lou Dobbs. Unfortunately, as Glenn Reynolds says, "It's kind of sad, though, to see Drew lapse into the easy robophobic slurs that characterize so much of today's political discussion."


Remember that whiny "oh god everything is so horrible these days" End Times piece from the AP a couple days ago? Well, as Ed Driscoll observes, Lileks and Jim Pethokoukis (of "Dude, Where's My Recession?" fame*) have had some pretty good licks at it, but Tim Blair posted the best chop-busting reply ever. Take it away, Harley-Davidson!

*If he keeps this up I may have to start reading U.S. Snooze and World Retort again.