June 23rd, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

Regeneration technology can't get here soon enough for me.

My doctor was off duty today, but I did get to see another one of the GPs after waiting for two hours; she swizzled a culture swab around in my leg wound (ow), prescribed ten days of Cipro and Bactrim/Septra for me, and had the nurse rebandage both legs with gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide. I went back to work, pounded out the rest of the checks I'd started in the morning, posted them to the GL and mailed them. Would have grabbed lunch and/or waited for the drugs, but I'd forgotten my wallet, so I had to swing by the pharmacy after work.

And that was Monday. Didn't get a chance to call Member Services and ask them wtf was the point of measuring me for compression garments if they weren't going to cover them? This was doubly irritating since I thought we'd settled this issue with regard to the stockings. Maybe this has to do with the puttees the PT lady wants me to use in lieu of the compression sleeves.