June 13th, 2008


well, that's a crappy way to start the weekend

Came home to a message on my cell phone from my brother - apparently the problems Mom's been having these last couple of weeks were serious enough that she finally decided it was time to go to the hospital. Good thing, too - she's apparently come down with pneumonia again, which affects her blood sugar, which aggravates her arrhythmia...and from there it gets into a nasty little vicious circle. Kind of late to fight the traffic and get over to the hospital before visiting hours are over today, but they start tomorrow morning at 1100. So I have that on my agenda for tomorrow.

Noted in passing:

Does anyone know if it's common practice to drown bulgogi in a thick, sweet soy-based sauce to the extent that you can't really taste the meat?
I think I would have liked the bulgogi sub I got at Dilly's yesterday better without that sauce.