June 10th, 2008


what are those dogs doing sniffing at my feet?

Turned out I was off by one day on both of my doctors' appointments, which was good since we had a fuckton of work to get through today so that we could get closer to the month-end file clears & purges. As Mr. Dunham predicted, most of the problem is coming from being frustrated at not being able to step in and intuitively grasp all the steps in the procedures needed to make things work, and now that I am most of the way through the month-end close it's beginning to come together. The senior controller seems to think I'm getting it, at any rate, and I'm seeing how stuff I did during the month (or failed to do, as the case may be) fits into the Big Picture. I also think coming in at 0700 helped some, as did packing lunch and eating it while watching the SC go through some of the routines involved in accounting for sales commission payments. Going to pack lunch and go in early again tomorrow; the traffic isn't that much better, but getting there early seems to put me in a better mood.

I know all this natter about accounting/bookkeeping, ledgers and procedures is boring as shit to 99% of you, but hey, this is my LJ and y'alls entertainment is not Job #1 here.

Time to nuke some chicken lumps and then hit the pool for a while.