June 6th, 2008


friday, sweet friday, you're finally here

Getting downright sultry out there - temperatures got into the high 80s today, and the humidity went right along with it. Driving home wasn't too bad, though, and the burrow was pleasantly cool despite my having forgetfully left the kitchen window cracked. Not sure what, if anything, I want to do tonight.

Work wasn't quite so bad today, although I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to have to undo half of it on Monday. At least I got the payroll for this week done, along with confirmation of my own status - going to be paid $22/hour, but only working a 35-hour week. That's okay; still going to gross over $1500 per payday, which should allow me to cover the necessaries and put a little away for things like Otakon and Detour. Also bunged out a bunch of checks for the body shop downstairs, though I didn't get around to balancing their checkbook.
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