May 24th, 2008


Balticon Day 2, or, Can't Anyone Here Do Programming?

Missed three panels today since they were all in the tiny Salon D function room, which is about the same size as, say, the Crow or Illinois rooms at the Thunderbird or a cabana room at Convergence, and they all featured Guest of Honor Connie Willis. WTF, people? Did you seriously think only 20-30 people were going to want to hear what she and her fellow panelists had to say? So, instead of seeing the panel on plagues, I wound up at a pretty good presentation on longevity and life extension followed by one on the Mercury Messenger probe. Then I got dinner, blew off the overcrowded Blended Genres panel (yup, another GoH in Salon D panel), skipped the Plundering panel in favor of noshing with Mark Taylor, and skipped Space Weapons since Mark Van Name was on the panel and it was in Salon D. I did run into Kyle McAbee and his charming wife Monica in the Dealer's room, but in spite of conversing with him twice during the day, I never did see therevdrnye.

I was starting to get tired along about 2000, and neither the Masquerade nor the counter-programming interested me, so I missed the Hammers and went back to the Days Inn. I'll probably crash early; my legs can use the horizontal time.
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