May 22nd, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

back on the system again

So, now that I'm back on board with Kaiser, I've made appointments to see my primary care physician and get a lymphedema consult, the latter of which will hopefully get me new compression stockings. I've already restocked my supply of Cozaar and test strips, but will probably get more metformin at Walmart since it's still cheaper to get it there.

The project of moving all my music off the old 40GB drive onto the new Western Digital 250MB external drive is turning out to be more of a pain than I originally thought it would. Can't hook up both of the drives to the same USB hub, because Cowzilla inevitably can't find one of them, and I couldn't move the whole My Music file at once for no good reason I could see. So, I'm moving the files one or two folders at a time, which is painfully time consuming. :(

I have some errands to run tonight, but before I hit the rack I really need to clean up around here before haring off to Balticon for the weekend. Otherwise things will be unpleasant and very likely smelly by the time I get back.