May 18th, 2008


Sunday with occasional rain

Day started badly - was supposed to be in Rockville at 1300, but didn't wake up at 0930 like I should have (moar like 1145) so was late for that. Fortunately it went well, despite my tardiness.

Afterwards, I was going to drop by the Dunhams and be social since I was in their end of the woods, but unfortunately both Brenda and Dutch were torso-deep in the wetlands combating the amphibians (to say nothing of providing motivation for Young Master Dunham) so there was no joy there. Wound up hanging out with Mr. B and engaging in the usual free-wheeling discussion of books and movies and TV and gaming and all that.We finally broke things off about 2130 after dinner at Five Guys, and I headed home via the Parkway, 295, and the Shirley highway.

No internet spaceships tonight, obviously, except a brief logon to change skills and discover that getting my alt into assault frigates -merely a stepping stone to assault cruisers, mind you- is going to take a couple days longer than planned since he only had Mechanic 3 and needs Mechanic 5. :(
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