May 17th, 2008


music not related

Up early to the alarm clock's ranting about traffic, since I went to bed a little after 1800 last night...pretty badly wiped after being up until all hours on Thursday, even though the boss let me head home a little early on Friday. Spent some of that time doing grocery shopping at Harris Teeter, managed to avoid the bakery, but did indulge in ~$6 of fried okra and steamed green beans to go with my club sub. The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur until I finally fell over.

Today's going to be moderately busy - heading for the bank, the rental office (they deposited the June rent check early, with unfortunate results) and the library. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of the day, which looks to be very nice, but I think I'll call around and see what friends are up to.

downtime != wasted time

Spent most of the late morning/early afternoon picking up books and a self-study Korean course at the library, tooling around Alexandria, eating lunch at Marino's, and deciding that Potomac Yards was way too crowded for me to be shopping there today. Maybe I'll go out later, but I don't really need anything...on the other hand, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and carrying stuff back to the Sportage through the rain is seldom fun.

Among the books I picked up was Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, which was recommended to me last fall by both edwarddain and nickiq. It's actually been getting most of my attention since I've been home, and is pretty awesome. Thanks, guys. Wish I'd picked it up sooner - it's that good!