May 16th, 2008


When they slam you down, get up and walk away

The presentation was not actually about time-share condos but about long-term vacation investments, a strange concept that basically allows you to take out a mortgage on vacation options. These options can be used to stay at 5-star condo/hotel facilities all over the US and the world. Alternatively you can use them to buy airline tickets, elite passes for Disney World, or any of the other things people buy and use on vacations. It's unique and very attractive, but at a time when my personal finances are still very much at sixes and sevens, it's not something I wanted to sink half a grand into as a down payment, much less committing to years of monthly payments.

Anyway...the main presentation was pretty informative and funny as hell (the salesman who did it needs to get a second job doing standup, because he has the licks) and the properties are indeed splendiferous in their incredible luxury. I must have trained Salesman Resistance to 5, because I hung tough in the face of some deals that seemed too good to be true even though I was up well past my bedtime. I got the freebies, though, and free parking to boot. If it hadn't been raining when I left, it would have been a near-perfect score.

Speaking of bedtime, it's time and past time to crash. Tomorrow -ha, today!- is going to be hard. ;_;
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