May 11th, 2008


one cup of coffee into the day

That was an evening well spent. Got over to Mark's place in Reston, hung out, did steakage, and talked for hours about books and movies and family and Balticon and Battlestar Galactica, which is evidently all kinds of awesome. Got home horribly late and for some reason did not go to bed immediately; stayed up until 0200 reading through various Wikipedia entries triggered by the entry on Qwghlm. I am moderately tempted to attend Balticon, since Mark and Paul will both be there, and possibly some other acquaintances of mine that I haven't seen in a decade or two; on the one hand, Connie Willis is the GoH, but on the other, the main hotel is sold out and the nearest Days Inn is about three miles down the road. On the other tentacle, I do have a free day coming to me from TripRewards. I have a month to think about it, so there's no hurry.

I expect to spend most of the day in a horizontal position; my legs are not looking good and I find myself having to change bandages twice a day to keep up with the drainage. Also, the left leg is showing troubling signs of erupting into a drainage zone as well. Good thing I'll be back with Kaiser this week or next. Meanwhile, I do need to get laundry done for tomorrow.

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