May 5th, 2008


The definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over while expecting things to turn out differently. Apparently Avista Capital Partners are a bunch of madmen, because when they bought the Strib in 2006, they left the same editorial staff in charge and made a few cuts around the edges of the staff. That worked about as well as the Katie Couric thing at CBS, and now Avista is trying to find a suckersomeone to take the paper off their hands. Lotsa luck, guys. I doubt even Rupert Murdoch would be interested in the steaming pile on Portland Avenue. Captain Ed is none too thrilled by the prospect of the Strib being gutted at the hands of its creditors, but I imagine that most of the Minnesota dextrosphere is laughing their asses off, enjoying the schadenfreude to the max. As for me, the LJ icon says it all.

No pension for the proletariat

Well, right in time for the rent payment, the check for the final liquidation of my Wells pension arrived. Wasn't going to be able to afford to collect it when I'm 65 anyway. I took out some cash, prepaid the June rent in addition to this month's, and am thinking about how best to parcel out the remainder to my creditors. Some of it is going off to my former employers to cover my Kaiser premiums under COBRA, but the rest is going to pay off a bunch of people who have been sending a stream of irritable notes to my PO box and leaving moderately hostile messages on my voice mail. I have time; SunTrust has the check on hold for five days. WTF. Anyway, between this, the unemployment situation getting unscrewed, and the current assignment, I'm waiting for something to go wrong in a particularly horrible way.

Tonight, I'm going to take a shot at assembling the bedroom (3-shelf) bookcase, or maybe just go to bed early. I have a long skill set in EVE and am feeling too tired to really want to play internet spaceships tonight.