May 4th, 2008


Home improvement Sunday

So I headed over to Walmart for some infrastructure investment, and blew about $80 on various household supplies including a multimedia shelf and a three-shelf bookshelf (I am weak and can't lift the five-shelf one) which accounted for about 2/3 of the bill. Spent the rest of the afternoon playing EVE and tidying up the kitchen a bit, and am going to go out to haul in the shelves from the Sportage before heading out to Ashburn to do dinner with P and get the copy of Quicksilver that she forgot to bring to breakfast yesterday.

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Haven't seen Iron Man yet; I hear mixed reviews about it. Been spending most of my down time rereading John Ringo's first four Posleen War novels and the new David Drake novel, since I'm kind of burned out on A Savage War of Peace and am seriously reconsidering whether I really want to get stuck into The Black Book of Communism.

Surprisingly, I haven't been worrying about the work situation. If he hires me, that'll be good; if he decides to keep me on as a temp, that'll be good too. We'll see what happens tomorrow, I'm sure.