May 2nd, 2008


might could be getting real, might not

First day on my own; think I ran all the reports the way I was supposed to and did all the daily stuff ditto. The owner seems to like how I'm doing and talked to me today for a little bit about maybe coming on permanent and what that would involve. He especially seems to like that I'm not copping an attitude about the system his semi-retired VP/treasurer has in place, which is very retro and generates bales of paperwork. As I told him, it doesn't pay to whine about what the client wants. If that's the way they want things done, then that's how I'm going to do it. So anyway, he's going to think about it over the weekend and decide what he wants to do.

Don't have any plans for the weekend yet; my economic stimulus check arrived, and I think I'm going to put some of it towards bookshelves and gas. Will probably get together with P for some face time and book swapping, time and schedules permitting.
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