April 27th, 2008


Sunday's liberal fascist linkagery

With bonus book review!

Who's responsible for the swollen prison population? According to Bill Stuntz, Democrats. His commenters aren't so sure that it's a political thing at all. (Instapundit)

Obama: cornered on the debate question? Ann Althouse thinks so. Instapundit)

Pic related: a remake of Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile..." video.

On the flip side, Keith Olbermann plays Henry II with Hillary Clinton in the role of Thomas Becket. Not everyone on the Left thinks this is funny. I suppose Olbermann could always claim he was just following the lead of Senators Dodd and Leahy, who called for Hillary to do the honorable thing earlier this month. (Ed Driscoll)

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a place for your face

Well, the weather sure changed in a hurry. You'd think this was Minnesota or something. Anyway, while yesterday was nice and warm like late spring/early summer is supposed to be, today was overcast and cool, almost cold with a fine mist instead of real rain. I went out to get the essential dairy products anyway, and wound up back at Harris Teeter since the parking lot at the Shoppers was just nuts. (It's also a pain in the ass getting out of that shopping center and back on Duke Street, and the only other way out involves wandering around the back streets at 30 mph. No thanks.)

Decided not to listen to the Nats today after they got slaughtered 7-0 Saturday night - more like missed the start time, really. Sure enough, I see that they racked up a 2-0 win and took the series from the Cubs. I'm sure there's no connection.

Going to bed relatively early for once since work starts at 0800 tomorrow, not too far from my first assignment at Strayer.