April 14th, 2008


A country boy can survive, especially if he's got breakfast covered.

To quote Kid Rock, "I feel a little Hank running through my blood." Even if my preferred mode of fishing involves grenades and not poles.

The weekend was, well, pretty quiet. Saturday morning, I drove out to Herndon and had breakfast with P at the Amphora, after which she went home to bed and I went to the post office to find that my SunTrust gift card had shown up. This being the case, I promptly drove to the MicroCenter in Fairfax and blew almost all of that $50 on a cooling pad and USB mini-hub for Cowzilla; the rest went for a cheap keyboard to replace the rather filthy one I stupidly shipped down here. Went home, set everything (except the new keyboard) up, spent the rest of the day and much of the evening playing EVE and otherwise wasting time on the intartubes.

Sunday I was awakened at the ungodly hour of 0800 or so by P, who was slightly manic after having driven in a big circle from Ashburn to Alexandria by way of Frederick and the Skyline drive. She insisted on dragging me out to breakfast and lured me with the promise of delicious cake; at least I got the breakfast. :) Seriously: Mancini's is pretty awesome. It reminds me of The Egg and I over on 25th and Chicago north of what used to be Mount Sinai Hospital, and that was pretty damn good back in the day. Unfortunately P was pretty fried after all the early morning driving and headed off to home and bed. I went home where I spent most of the day reading Hugh Thomas' The Spanish Civil War, playing EVE, and doing a desultory job of picking up garbage. Eventually (around 2300) I went out to Shoppers for milk, eggs, bread, and other edibles, and barely managed to throw out the garbage since the dumpster in my parking lot was full to overflowing. Come on, neighbors, is it that damn hard to close the side doors on the dumpsters?

Spent most of the day hacking on a timecard project for UNCFSP's HR lady and the rest of it inserting links and more information into Excel. I'm building a decision matrix, I am. :3

I probably shouldn't read this book; I know more than enough about the horrors of the GULAG as it is. For that matter, a lot of what I do know, I would happily delete from my memory if memory management software made it possible. However, somebody ought to remember those poor damned souls, and say a prayer for them.