April 7th, 2008


the shouting and the tumult dies

First, I get the impression a lot of the Minnesota folks on my f-list are identifying strongly with this Kate Beaton cartoon. Sorry guys, I brought some warm weather with me but I have to return it before anyone else notices. ;)

I'm not going to indulge myself in a long Detour post here, just going to mention that the "other conventions" panel I did with mattmn went pretty well, by which I mean that we covered all the local conventions from Supercon through Omegacon (okay we left out Valleycon, so sue us) and didn't spend most of the time talking about Convergence. Matt did mention the social stuff that Misfits does, which is cool. Someday ATC will have enough people to do that. Someday.

Took part in the traditional Sunday night chowdown at Friday's, came back and hung out in the bar with guests and staff until about 0000 when I headed over to Gojira Party with tatsmaru, Kristin, Carrie and Kris; stayed until 0130 and then headed back to the room where I was up a little longer reading Cryptonomicon until I started nodding off.

Monday I did more hanging around and staying out of the way, then went to IHOP for the Dead Dog. Food was okay, and fortunately my table with redmartel, kurai_tsuki and geekboyonline got the good waitress. Others were not as fortunate. :( dejana then gave me a lift to the storage locker, over to Chez stuckintraffik for Part 2 of the Dead Dog, and eventually back to the Thunderbird so I could pack and get some sleep before tomorrow's oh-dark-thirty departure for the Humphrey Terminal and home. Never did find my Saints hat, but I got a spare copy of Death Note's first volume; the anime looks to be full of win and awesome, judging from the AMV I saw this past weekend, and I'm looking forward to reading the manga.

Time to pack and hit the rack. More tomorrow.
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