April 5th, 2008


No cake. Cookie!

So yesterday I slept in, went to breakfast about 0830, and came back to my room at 0900 only to find the registration line had extended all the way through the courtyard, back into the hotel, and down the hall around the corner back outside into the east parking lot. I growled "Get off my lawn, you rotten otaku!" and went into my room to lose a brand-new Raven to the crappy wifi* while waiting for the line to go down.

It eventually did...at about 2000, after jamestrainor and I had gone off to dinner at the Sprawl with chocol8fiend, perennial AD volunteer and Kakkoicon staffer. (We mostly talked about internet spaceships. Big surprise there.) The truly funny part was that when I approached registration, a new security person approached me, asked if I needed to register or pick up my badge, and led me to perhaps the one member of the registration staff who didn't know who I was, LOL. It actually gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to be treated like an ordinary fan. :)

Too late to see any programming at that point (I did see most of opening ceremonies in the bar, good job guys but you need to work a little more on the closed-circuit thing) so I wandered around with Kris M for a while before ending up in the bar with bam2, Dan, Matt, gohanvox, Carrie, Giff, and the other cool kids until about 0130.

So today I got up later and managed to squeeze in breakfast before Kris' Apocalyptic AMV panel, which inspired me to dash back to my room and scribble down some fragments for BRS. Skipped jariten's cake panel and bought Girl Scout cookies instead; after I finish this I'm going to hit the dealers' room and maybe go to the 4chan panel, mostly to see if we get Rickrolled. Everything seems to be running with serious smoothness, which is doubleplusgood, and I'm looking forward to doing my own maundering a little later on tonight.

*It may be my wireless card dying, since I'm right across the hall from one of the hotel's WAPs, but other people have been complaining about it too. :S