April 2nd, 2008


return of the wombat

First off, apologies to RS and P for not starting earlier this morning. I should have known that 495 and 28 would have been screwed up at that hour.

Secondly, the flight was okay except that TSA confiscated my Right Guard (can was TOO BIG, I totally forgot about the aerosol restrictions) and the people in the row behind me let their rotten little kid kick the shit out of my seat and stick his grabby little hands through the seat gaps. No blood, no foul, not even serious annoyance, really, but it was irritating and reminded me why I hate 90% of other peoples' children: their parents are lazy, indulgent fucks.
Sun Country is okay by me; kind of like an upscale version of Southwest, where what you get is a seat, a drink, and a snack; everything else is extra, and that includes headsets and pillows. The snack was a nice, warm ciabatta turkey & cheese sandwich, and it was pretty good. This is the second time I've flown Sun Country, and while it's no Lufthansa, it's pretty good especially at the price.

So here I am at the Thunderbird, down the hall from where I lingered for a couple of weeks last summer waiting for my 401k distribution to show up.
It's like I never left. For now, I need to head out, replace my shoes, and get hold of stuckintraffik. In that order.
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