April 1st, 2008


not actually all that much to do

About all I have to do tonight after I get home is get my T-shirts and underwear sorted out, pack up my laptop, and go to bed early. I can't pack up my nose hose until tomorrow, and the same goes for my toiletries, which get stuffed in ziplocs to keep TSA happy and to avoid having them go splat all over the inside of the luggage. It looks like I can take my roll-on suitcase and laptop bag on board with me, though I'm leaning toward picking up one of these backpacks instead of taking my ratty old gym bag, and putting all my spare clothes in the suitcase along with my nose hose. The clothes and the padding in the hose's box ought to protect it well enough. I hope. The forecast looks pretty good for this weekend, so I'll leave the liner to my field jacket at home, put my gloves in my backpack, and hope for the best.

I'll be going downtown after I get in on Wednesday to take care of some business -clearing out my safe deposit box, among other things- but I still have Wednesday night open if folks want to get together before Detour. thaadd and I are going to do dinner on Thursday night, Detour eats my weekend, and I don't know what's going on Sunday evening or Monday during the day; Monday night is reserved for packing since the flight back to Dulles leaves at oh-dark-thirty from the Humphrey terminal.

I keep telling people who have been running around making "OMG the economy sucks, the sky is falling ZOMG PEAK OIL!" that they need to get some historical perspective. This is a large, complex economy, and while some folks in the commentariat are having hard times, others in the proletariat are doing just fine, thank you. It's not just me saying this, either; James Joyner points out that we're not in a depression or a recession, and in fact are enjoying some decent times at the moment no matter what the talking heads are saying.

Work, obviously, is slow.

an unproductive evening

Well, that's not completely true. I wrote a couple of checks for rent and for phone/interbutts service. Going to wait to cut my hair until I get to Minneapolis, I think, unless I have spare time at Dulles - which is quite possible, since I'm going to be dropping off the Kia around 0800 and the flight doesn't take off until 1110.

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So now I'm going to go sort out my stuff for tomorrow, pack stuff in my backpack and suitcase, and get to bed two hours after I originally planned to.
But first, I'm going to turn this laptop off and put it away.