March 29th, 2008


Surprise! You win!

Seems when my former employers failed to document my alleged misconduct, they failed to show that they had a reason to fire me. So I get my unemployment check, huzzah. Every little bit helps, as the song says.

Made the mail run to Chantilly, threw half of the box's contents away, hit the Walmart for bandages & fluids, and visited P, who was getting over an ugly case of food poisoning. We eventually went out for pho with RS, and she seemed to be doing better when I left. Arrangements were made for me to drop the Sportage off at Chez Seastrom so that I don't get hosed for parking at Dulles while I'm doing the Detour thing next week.

Speaking of which, since I'll be coming up on Wednesday, I'll have some time before the convention to spend with folks, if they have a mind to. Drop me a comment or an e-mail and we'll see what works; I'm thinking Wednesday night or Thursday ought to be good, since I'm not on staff and won't be doing anything until the convention starts Friday morning. Monday afternoon and early evening ought to be okay as well, unless I get dragged off to a dead-dog party. I'll be bringing my laptop and posting during the convention, so keep your eyes peeled.

Speaking of conventions

I hadn't really thought about it all that much until the call for panelists went out, but it occurs to me that I probably should have mentioned on here that I most likely won't be coming north for Convergence. Given the flakiness of the job situation and the expense involved, going back to Minneapolis for the July 4 weekend really makes no sense to me...quite aside from the fact that the Sheraton is almost certainly sold out by now, and while I could certainly get rooms at the Thunderbird that weekend (for less, and with better food) that would also mean I'd have to either rent a car for the weekend (and not use it most of the time) or bus back and forth, which would be a massive pain in the ass. So I'm just not going to bother.
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