March 27th, 2008


weather outside much like weather inside my head itp

I guess this morning's interview went okay, according to the staffer who called me later in the day to ask me how I thought it went. I had no clue, of course. I never do. One of the people that was supposed to interview me wasn't there and wants to do a telephone interview. WTF? It's ridiculous enough that they're interviewing for a temp-to-perm position in the first place, but a telephone interview? Anyway, the whole deal cost me two hours of work and about ten bucks in Metro fare and parking, and left me grumpy and ill-tempered for the rest of the day since I didn't have time for breakfast on the way in to the interview.

New Goonfleet CEO has laid down the word: "Pack your stuff and get to Delve." That's what I'll be spending the rest of the evening doing. Later, y'all.
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