March 25th, 2008


petty but sufficient, maybe

The start of work was delayed today by a phone conference between me, my former employers, and the Virginia Employment Commission to determine whether I had in fact been fired for cause or just laid off. Turns out I was in fact fired, for excessive doctor's appointments, unauthorized use of the intarbutts, and poor productivity (!). There were some questions as to whether any of this was documented or not, and it turned out in the course of things that Springfield never got around to sending a copy of my review to the head office. Hmmm. I don't expect this to affect anything much; with the exception of the one week I spent hunting work full-time because there weren't any temp assignments, I've been earning more temping than I would have from unemployment, so w/e. The extra $149 for that week would be nice but not really enough to do me any real good.
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and it's only Tuesday night

Drove out to Chantilly after work tonight only to find that I'd forgotten to pack my PO box key. Drowned my sorrows in half a rack of Willard's ribs with beans & rice on the side, and then motored up to P's place to walk her through her state and Federal taxes on TurboTax. Oddly, her results were very different from mine, but since she's getting a refund instead of the full-force reaming by the IRS she was expecting, it was nonetheless a Good Thing.

I continue to be amazed at the number of recruiters and HR people who are calling me now that I'm on assignment and a week away from heading off to Minnesota. There's six calls on my home voice mail and another on my cell phone; I fielded two on it as well before leaving it in my cube on the sixth floor while shuffling file folders for the real accountants down on the second floor. The younger one, N, is a pretty cool guy - he plays World of Warcraft, goes to TMBG concerts, and turned me on to this podcast site, in return for which I suggested that if he liked TMBG he might get a kick out of Frank Zappa. Going to miss him when I go, that's for sure.

So...starting to get things together for next week. It'll be tight but doable.