March 22nd, 2008


fish but no tenebrae

I managed to clock a tad less than 32 hours this week, which is pretty good considering that I missed two hours on Wednesday what with Mom being sick. They're looking forward to having me back on Monday, and I'm looking forward to going back.

Word from Kaiser on my compression hose is that I have to take a lymphedema self-care course from them before they'll sign off on some new ones; that's doable. All I have to do is call to make the appointment...and get my money & paperwork in to make sure I stay covered under COBRA. $255/month isn't that much considering the level of care I'm getting. Speaking of paperwork, I apparently forgot to certify to Wells' pension admin people that I wasn't married, so they sent the forms back and had me attend to that. I returned it via Priority Mail, so God and Wells willing, I'll find the pension lump sum distribution in my mailbox when I get back from Detour.

Conformed to the Law of the Fish today but got distracted and never got out of the apartment for the 7:45 Mass. More time in the penalty box :(

Not sure what I'm going to do with myself tomorrow; the Goonmeet at Carpool is directly opposite Anonycon in Crystal City. I missed the last meet at Dr. Dremo's on account of being sick with the pneumonic plague, but I'm not missing this.

taking stock

Spent some time on the phone earlier this afternoon answering questions about politics, health care, and insurance. This got me to thinking about how my interest in/involvement with politics and the news has changed over the last couple of decades.
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