March 19th, 2008


early morning alarums and excursions

Well, this morning started off moderately crappy. I'd gotten breakfast and lunch together and was getting the rest of my stuff ready for the morning drive out to Fairfax when my mom called. She was sick and asking me to help, so after calling my Accountemps staffer and giving her the heads-up I headed for Forest Heights. Mercifully, the bridge was flowing smoothly and I got there about 0830 to find that Mom had already unlocked the outside door and was sitting at the kitchen table trying to fumble through her morning tests. Fortunately, Carlos was right: it was just an ugly combination of low blood sugar and stomach flu. So instead of having to call the paramedics, I was able to leave around 1000 once she was feeling better and got to work a little before 1100.

Nothing else of great interest going on...made my truck payment, which puts me a little further behind the eight-ball WRT rent, but it can't be helped. There's a bunch of other administrivia going on in my life, but the last thing you need to read about is the minutiae of my paperwork.

Finished rereading John Barnes' A Princess of the Aerie (I knew it was in there somewhere) and In The Hall of the Mountain King. I wonder when the next Jak Jinnaka novel is coming out?