March 17th, 2008


well, it's work

Praise Jesus, finally one of the agencies came through. I'll be starting a month-long assignment tomorrow for a non-profit in Fairfax; only $14/hour, but it's all money, and two weeks' pay should cover the rent and the truck payment for this month. Interestingly enough, it's for the United Negro College Fund, which makes for a neat segue into my next topic for this post.

Cobb makes a case for not linking Jeremiah Wright's fire & brimstone sermons to Obama's candidacy. This case is grounded in the nature of African-American churches and liberation theology, and while it might have some case to present WRT the press and punditocracy (who are by and large a bunch of ignant yahoos) it is also full of fail.
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On a more cheerful note, Cobb also brings us some Fishbone. This is good stuff, and not just because Angelo plays some killer theremin in the video spotlighted. "Fight the Youth" is also pretty scorchin'.

Moving on, Instapundit links to a review of Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism by Jerry Pournelle. Jerry also has some comments on MMORPGs by way of explaining why he's dropping out of Tabula Rasa, which I found interesting in light of my experience with EVE. Yes, I recommended it to him. :)