March 13th, 2008



Today sucked - not badly, in the sense that something went horribly wrong, but I got no assignment from any of the agencies and after the 8:30 interview that kept me sitting in the lobby for half an hour (after I'd fought my way up the beltway to Tyson's Corner) I had zero gumption for doing anything but answering the one phone call I got from a recruiter.

Since I'd skipped breakfast, I chose to stop for lunch at a local diner and try their North Carolina-style BBQ sub. It wasn't that great. I ate the first half without sauce; the vinegar overtones were definitely noticeable, and there was no heat or even spiciness at all. It wasn't epic fail, it was just disappointing.

Went home, buffed the resume, re-read Robert Buettner's Orphanage, and fiddled with internet spaceships. That's it. Hopefully tomorrow will suck less; I definitely need to get to work and get some money in, what with Detour being a little over two weeks off and all kinds of bills being due in the meantime.
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