March 12th, 2008


Interviews (Part 2 of 2)

Lord, I am so tired of this. At this point I just want one of these damned staffing agencies to give me an assignment (preferably long-term) and have done with it. Had two interviews today, one here in Alexandria and the other in Columbia; the latter was with a staffing agency, and who knows whether or not that's going to work out. Originally I had a third interview scheduled for today at 1600 in Washington, but the traffic was bad enough by 1500 I knew I'd never get there in time, so I'm just going to reschedule it tomorrow morning before (or maybe after) my 0830 appointment in Tyson's Corner.

So, yeah...nothing else going on, really. I may go out later to deposit the AFLAC check, I may not. It's not like I need it at the moment.
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