March 8th, 2008


Family day. or something like it

Spent today with P and Mom (not together) and also got to see Carlos. Pho and ice cream were consumed, back roads were enjoyed, mail was retrieved, bills were paid, drugs were taken, etc. (NB: This did not happen all at the same time or in the same place, in case you were wondering.)

Former employers paid me a whole two-week paycheck, which got me all excited at their generosity until I got the check stub later in the day and realized that the pay period ended on 3/2 anyway. Also, I found the reimbursement check from AFLAC for my Iodoflex, which for some reason had gone to my post office box. This is all major win financially, and improves my chances of being able to go to Detour without having to live on ramen and cheese crackers while there. Okay, I suppose I could volunteer...naaah.

I also bought major quantities of foodz & cleaning stuff at Walmart, which I supplemented at Harris Teeter on the way back from Mom's. Jeez, I went in there to get oil and came out with $17 worth of cheese and yogurt. *rolls eyes*

About the only thing I didn't get done was laundry, which hopefully will get done in the morning before anyone else gets down there.