March 7th, 2008


Job Hunt Friday!

No love from Accountemps today, so I filed for unemployment and made an appointment with another agency, Keepers; I'll be heading off to that in a few minutes and catching lunch on the way since I don't have any tuna fish for lunch nor enough cheese.

I also opened a few boxes, found more clothes and linens, and put stuff away as best I could. Jesus, I need more bookshelves.

Amusing thread in the Goonfleet forums today that was almost word-for-word a repeat of the Mittani's SERIOUS BUSINESS announcement last year.
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I also ripped a bunch of old CDs onto the hard drive, so now I have some Gloria Estefan, Sugar, and Primitive Radio Gods in the Big Playlist. Time to go get a fish sandwich (or maybe some shrimp) and head downtown.
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