March 4th, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

Pretty much a waste of three hours, yeah.

UPDATE AND BUMP Skip to the end for the real pain.

So, the first session of the Kaiser diabetes education class was tonight, and I'm giving serious thought to just skipping the second part next week. Learned very little new or useful, put up with a lot of smack being talked about the food industry, and gave thanks at the end of it that I hadn't had to fork out any money as a copay for this nonsense. I can sum up the dietary advice by referring people to the Mike Royko diet.*
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So, yeah. I can read labels as well as anyone (and probably better than most) and can count carbs in my sleep. Tell me again why wasting three more hours of my life on this next week is going to be a good idea?

UPDATE: Just to add to my aggravation, this class cost me an assignment from Accountemps. They called my home phone at 4:30, and if I hadn't had the damn class I would have been home to answer it. FGSFDS. Srsly.

*"If you like it, you can't have any. If you don't like it, you can have as much as you want."

Job Hunt - Day Three

Interview with Ajilon tomorrow gets trumped by work - going to be doing some bank reconciliations at an orthodontist's office for the next couple of days, which will put some cash in my pocket next week. I also had a good phone interview with a fellow in the Security-Industrial complex who is apparently tired of talked to snot-nosed young accountants who want huge bags of money straight out of college. I am apparently less demanding and more experienced, which is massive win in his book. The job sounds good and it's in downtown Alexandria, so we'll see how that goes. Meanwhile, more resumes went out today to various folk who expressed interest.

Going to go out for a short walk later to throw out garbage, but for now I'm just chillin' and enjoying the Front 242 CDs I won on eBay last week.
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